Non-Compliant Handicapped Restroom Leads to Injuries, Eventually Death

Personal Injury Settlement


Our disabled client was attending an amusement park and needed to use the restroom. When she entered the restroom, she discovered the door to the handicapped stall was not wide enough to fit a wheelchair as the law requires. Because of this, our client was unable to reach the side grab bar and was forced to use her wheelchair for balance as she attempted to safely reach the toilet. While attempting to reach the toilet, our client’s leg was severely lacerated when a part of her wheelchair was propelled upwards.

Our client was taken to the hospital where she received 27 stiches to repair her lacerated leg. Immediately following this procedure, our client contracted MRSA bacteria which eventually gave way to a complicated pseudomonas infection. Our client unfortunately succumbed to the infection resulting from the wound she sustained in the non-compliant restroom at the amusement park. Rosen Louik & Perry resolved this matter out of court.