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Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Law Blog

Who could be responsible for injury due to metal hip replacement?

When Allegheny residents think about medical malpractice injuries, the first thought that often comes to mind is surgical errors. While this is absolutely accurate, there are lot of ways that a medical treatment or diagnosis could adversely affect a person's health. Hip replacement surgery has been a popular option for the suffering from severe joint pain or lack of mobility due to hip issues. However, it has been found that certain hip replacements are now known to be defective or otherwise harmful to those that have received them.

Many metal hip replacements that were quite popular in the past, have been recalled from the market or are being replaced with other materials or treatments. This is because metal hip replacements (both ball and socket) can cause friction that causes metal to be released into the body, a condition known as metallosis. Manufacturers of the hip replacement could be liable for injury, as could the doctor who implemented it, as could the hospital that hosted the surgery. In short, multiple parties could be responsible for hip replacement injury and medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice settlement could change outlook for injured

In life, there are unexpected surprises, twists and turns that lead us down different paths. Many people in Pennsylvania have defining moments in their lives, both positive and negative, that drastically alter their life story. For those that have suffered an unnecessary medical injury, the drastic impact this can have on a person's life is enormous. It often impacts the family as well.

For Pittsburgh residents that believe they or a loved one may have suffered a medical malpractice injury, what might that look like? Oftentimes, a patient will suffer a malpractice-related injured when their true illness is misdiagnosed, a mistake that occurs during surgery or even medication errors. The impact this can have on a person's health, finances and family life can manifest in ways that are undesirable, the say the least. While one may not be able to stop what is happening to them or their family, they may be able to seek compensation or hold the responsible party accountable.

Motorcycle accidents increase in summer

While in the middle of summer, it is not uncommon to see motorcycle enthusiasts head out on the roads, whether it is in the Allegheny, Pennsylvania region or anywhere across the country. It is not hard to understand why motorcyclists embrace their time on two wheels; whether it is the warm breeze in their face or the intimacy of a bike and its rider with the road, the allure and passion for motorcycle riding is tangible. But motorcyclists do have unique risks that typical car drivers do not have to worry about.

Unfortunately, often, a motorcycle accident is not due to any fault or negligence of the motorcycle driver. Motorcycles and motorcyclists on them are significantly smaller in size than cars, which makes them harder to see or recognize on the roads. Data suggests that about 70 percent of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections, and that in about two-thirds of accidents, the driver of the other vehicle is at fault.

Birth injuries and birth defects differ greatly

Knowing that something is wrong with your newborn isn't a feeling that any parent wants to experience. When the problem is one that could have been prevented, parents might become livid.

It is imperative that you keep your wits if this happens. Your top priority has to be your new baby. As difficult as it might be, you can't just come unglued and hope that everything starts to get better. You need to take a proactive stand. Here are some points to know about birth injuries and birth defects.

How common are brain injuries in the United States?

Throughout the United States each year, millions of injuries happen to the brain, one of the most important organs in the human body. According to statistics from the United States Center for Disease Control, traumatic brain injuries, commonly known as TBIs, led to approximately 2.5 million hospital visits and nearly 300,000 stays in the hospital in 2013 alone.

Traumatic brain injuries can lead to serious and even catastrophic injuries which could result in long-term or even life-long disabilities to its victim. Each day in the United States, approximately 153 people die from brain injuries. Nearly one third of all injury deaths can be attributed to brain injuries.

Who could be held accountable for medical malpractice injury?

Doctors, hospitals and related third-parties in Pittsburgh are tasked with the responsibility of caring for our well-being, and treating or preventing our injuries and illnesses. These medical professionals and facilities owe a duty of care to their patients. While not all medical issues can be cured or completely remedied, a level of care and responsibility is expected of these parties. An inability to perform at a certain level can cause unnecessary injury to the patient.

Many people envision medical malpractice occurring as an injury or mistake that took place during surgery. While this can, and has occurred, there are many other ways a medical malpractice issue could originate. There could be a mistake made at any step of the medical process including diagnosis, treatment or illness management. Beyond the liability of doctor and hospital, federal or state agencies sometimes run or are responsible for the on-goings of medical decisions and could also potentially be held accountable for medical malpractice injury.

Truck accident injuries could be due to negligence

We have all read the headlines, and possibly have even driven by the carnage on the side of the road in Pennsylvania. Occasionally, car rides do not go as planned and car accidents or even truck accidents occur that result in serious injuries for the occupants of those vehicles. It's true that sometimes accidents happen and that's why everyone is supposed to have some level of insurance to cover the losses of others or potentially losses you or your family members have suffered. However, your own insurance may not be enough in most cases, especially if the other driver or related third party was negligent for the truck accident.

Truck accidents are often different from car accidents in the respect that there may be several potential parties that could have been negligent. Since many trucks are commercial trucks, that is, they are used for business purposes, businesses have a certain threshold of responsibility for their drivers, their trucks and their cargo. There are very strict regulations for those owning or operating commercial trucks due to their potential for harming others in a truck accident. These regulations can play into how and whom was negligent for truck accident injuries.

American Airlines passenger suffers brain injury on flight

Whether they are heading to a vacation destination or taking the red-eye for business travel, most people in Pennsylvania who take a flight do so without incident. They trust that they will be taken care of by the employees on the airplane. Unfortunately, just as negligent acts can occur when one is driving automobile, negligent acts could potentially take place on a flight.

A man on an American Airlines flight was injured while the plane was taking off when he was hit in the head by an unsecured rolling beverage cart. Despite the fact that the impact caused a severe brain injury, the flight did not make an emergency landing.

Two injured in Pennsylvania motorcycle accident

Pennsylvanians may have noticed more motorcycles on the road now that summer is here. It is a popular hobby, and many motorcyclists take advantage of the warmer weather to ride their bikes, whether it is on a scenic drive or merely going to and from work. However, an increase in motorcycles on the road may mean that motorists must be extra-vigilant not to cause a motorcycle accident.

Two individuals from Pennsylvania were hospitalized recently after being involved in a motorcycle accident. A Ford Taurus heading westward drove into an intersection, striking the motorcycle the victims were riding, which was going due north. The force of the crash tossed the victims off the bike and into the street.

Lack of communication can lead to pregnancy-related injuries

Pregnancy and childbirth is beautiful, but it is important that Pennsylvanian women are properly treated throughout the process. Unfortunately, as the following examples show, women are not always treated properly and suffer pregnancy-related injuries.

One woman went for a routine check-up at 40-weeks pregnant. Her doctor probed her cervix -- without first explaining the procedure or obtaining consent -- to stimulate labor. She subsequently went through 27 hours of labor and ended up needing a Cesarean Section (C-section). She then suffered from an infection, which fortunately was mild. However, her newborn child was placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) immediately after birth, and it was 24 hours before she was reunited with her child.

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