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Complications that could lead to pregnancy-related injuries

Whether it is a woman's first pregnancy or not, there is a lot of preparation that goes into having a baby. And while parents in Pennsylvania and other states across the nation focus on bringing their new bundle of joy home, mothers-to-be need to first focus on maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Because complications can arise during a pregnancy, it is important to have medical professionals check and monitor for any common complications during pregnancy that could result in pregnancy-related injuries to the mother or the newborn.

During pregnancy, there can be a variety symptoms and complications that can range from mild and annoying to severe and sometimes life threatening. While it can be difficult for woman to discern what is a normal symptom and what is not, certain medical professionals, such as OB-GYNs, can assess these symptoms.

Uber Rolls Out Fleet of Self-Driving Cars

A fleet of four self-driving cars hit the roads of Pittsburgh on September 14th, 2016, available to only the most loyal Uber customers. Uber is placing two highly trained engineers in the front seats of their autonomous vehicles to manually take over should the car fail. Uber is focused first on mastering the roads of Pittsburgh. "If we really can master driving in Pittsburgh, then we feel strongly that we have a good chance of mastering it in most cities around the world," the leader of Uber's Advanced Technologies Center, Raffi Krikorian, said.

What are the common causes of truck crashes?

Rarely do motorists in Pennsylvania and other states travel on the interstate without any other vehicles present. Even during the late night hours, the chances of sharing the road with a commercial truck, such as a semi-truck or a tractor-trailer truck, are very high. While these massive trucks have the right to be on the road like any other vehicle that is safe for travel, commercial trucks do pose some major risks on the roadway that could cause a truck accident.

What are the common causes of truck crashes? Although there could be an endless list of causes for a commercial truck crash, the focus of this post will be on those caused by a negligent truck driver. Specifically, collisions that are related to the skills, decisions and driving behaviors of truck drivers.

Surgeon Blamed for Removing Kidney from Wrong Patient

Health officials are investigating a complaint that a Massachusetts surgeon inadvertently removed a kidney from the wrong patient. The alleged error occurred at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, but the patient's physician, who was not affiliated with the hospital, scheduled the surgery and is most likely at fault. Officials connected with St. Vincent Hospital gave the following statement:

Helping you seek recourses following a medication error

When we are ill, we cannot always rely on over-the-counter medications to heal our ailments. Some injuries or illnesses require the aid of prescription medication to thwart infections, reduce pain or initiate the treatment process. However, in order for these medications to work appropriately for patients in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, a patient must receive the correct medication at the proper time and at the right dose. If a doctor or a nurse fails in this respect, it could lead to serious consequences for the patient.

At Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C., we recognize that patients in Pittsburgh rely on medical professionals to aid them when they are not well. Nevertheless, human errors are possible in the medical setting; moreover, medical professionals are held to a certain standard, and if they cannot meet that level of care, it could amount to serious harm or even death to the patient. Medication errors could occur for various reasons, but they commonly occur when a nurse or doctor fills a syringe with the wrong medication, a patient is prescribed the wrong medication, the wrong dose was administered to a patient or the incorrect drug was administered to a patient.

Car Hits Child Boarding School Bus

On the morning of Wednesday, September 7th, 2016, a 10-year old girl was waiting at her bus stop and ready to go to school. When the bus arrived, her driver stopped and put the flashing lights on. The girl was attempting to cross the street when a car disregarded the flashing lights and the stop arm. The girl was clipped by the car and taken to an area hospital to be treated for her injuries. Thankfully the girl sustained only minor injuries; she was treated and released shortly after admission. The driver of the car was charged with reckless driving. To read more about the accident, click here.

Trucks in Pennsylvania could carry nuclear waste

Large trucks are important vehicles, and intrastate and interstate commerce rely on the ability of semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks to transport large shipments efficiently from one destination to another.

While it is common to share the road with one of these massive vehicles, motorists in Pennsylvania and elsewhere likely have some concerns when traveling near a large truck. For example, motorists might question whether a truck driver is qualified to drive a commercial truck. But what about concerns regarding what a truck is transporting? Could the product within a truck generate more hazards in the event of a truck accident?

Could Your Phone be Harming Your Health?

On September 7th, 2016, Apple announced the release of its newest product-the iPhone 7. In its announcement, Apple disclosed that the new iPhone will jettison the traditional headphone jack in what some say is an attempt to bring back the Bluetooth headset. Apple also developed a wireless set of headphones called AirPods in conjunction with their newest iPhone, but Apple will still supply a set of wired headphones with its new product. Is Apple a generous company or is there more to the story?

How common are medication mistakes among American patients?

Whether it is temporary due to an illness or an infection or long-term due to a serious disease or long-term condition, most residents in Pennsylvania have been prescribed a medication at one time or another. And while prescription medication can be very resourceful to treat and heal patients, if patients are not properly prescribed or informed of the medication they are prescribed, this could cause serious and even fatal adverse drug events.

Based on recent statistics by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 82 percent of adults in the United States take at least one medication while 29 percent take five or more. It was found that every year, an estimated 700,000 emergency department visits and 120,000 hospitalizations are due to adverse drug events.

Come Off the Field After a Concussion

A recent report published in the Journal of Pediatrics concluded that high school athletes who stayed on the field immediately after suffering a concussion took twice as long to recover as athletes who left the field immediately and did not return to action. The study tracked 69 athletes who reported to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Sports Medicine Concussion Program after suffering a blow to the head. The athletes came from a wide variety of sports and ranged from 12 years of age to 19 years. 35 of the athletes were immediately removed from the game after suffering their injury, while the other 34 stayed on the field. The study found that those who stayed in the match after head trauma took an average of 44 days to recover, while those who were immediately pulled from action took an average of 22 days to recover. A New York Times article written by Rachel Peachman elaborates on the findings of the study. Doctors believe that resting in the 24 to 48 hour period after suffering a concussion allows the brain cells to heal faster, thus allowing athletes to get back in action more quickly. Taking precautions immediately after an athlete suffers a concussion is imperative to their safety.

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