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Cleveland area cardiologist performed unnecessary procedures

Many Pittsburgh residents have heard the reports of people who have suffered from surgical errors. Many times these surgical errors are preventable and cause great harm to patients. A surgeon in the Cleveland area has been found guilty of performing unnecessary procedures on dozens of patients in order to collect insurance payments.

A surgeon in Westlake, a suburb of Cleveland, was found guilty last Friday of performing unnecessary procedures on his patients. He had performed dozens of unnecessary stent insertions, tests, catheterizations and caused unnecessary bypass surgeries to be performed. He went to great lengths to overbill insurers to over $7 million dollars. He preyed on a vulnerable population including elderly patients.

Report shows health care errors can be hard to prevent

Some Pittsburgh residents may receive a wrong diagnosis or experience another medical error during their lifetime. These errors, such as the failure to diagnose cancer, are serious, and some of them even result in death.

A report issued by the Institute of Medicine shows that many medical mistakes have resulted in unacceptable harm to patients. They determined that most of the harm that they saw happen to patients was preventable. Examples included a doctor who misdiagnosed a woman with an asthma attack when she really had a blood clot on her lungs. She later died. Or an ER doctor who misread an X-ray and misdiagnosed a man with an upper respiratory infection instead of pneumonia. He died as a result as well. And a newborn baby suffered from preventable brain damage when doctors failed to test his levels of bilirubin even though his skin was yellow from head to toe.

Former inmate sues doctor for failure to diagnose cancer

When a Pittsburgh resident goes to the doctor they assume that they will receive the correct diagnosis and treatment. But for a handful of residents each year their doctor has a failure to diagnose cancer which can lead to delayed treatment. A former inmate is suing a mobile imaging lab and one of its doctors for failing to diagnose his gastric cancer.

A man from Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit against MobilexUSA Inc. and one of their doctors for failing to diagnose his gastric cancer. The man was an inmate at SCI Quehanna Boot Camp when he was seen in the medical area because of bowel problems. He underwent an upper GI test by a mobile unit. The next day the test was misread by the doctor who failed to see the abnormal gastric mass lesion.

A secret medical malpractice settlement may hide medical dangers

Most Pittsburgh residents visit their doctors regularly and have a good experience. Most medical providers are skilled professionals who provide good care. But occasionally a medical error can occur like a failure to diagnose cancer or a surgical error. These errors can result in a patient or their family filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. But when a settlement is reached privately, it may lead to others not knowing about the dangers that could remain hidden.

When a person is injured by a medical provider, many times they seek help from a medical malpractice attorney. A medical malpractice attorney is skilled in providing expert advice regarding a person's injury case.

A hospital stay just may result in a worsened condition

Many Pittsburgh residents will need to spend some time in the hospital at some point in their lives. A hospital stay may be necessary to recover from surgery, a serious illness or another medical condition. Most people believe hospital stays are designed to help a person get better but occasionally the opposite can be true. The failure to diagnose a medical condition is serious but so is a superbug infection.

Hospital infections are very serious throughout the United States. Although one would think that hospitals are sterile environments, they in fact can harbor very serious bacteria that can be hard to kill. Each year almost 650,000 Americans develop an infection during a hospital stay. Of those who develop an infection, around 75,000 die from them.

Therapy options for brachial plexus injuries

Expectant parents in the Pittsburgh area are usually filled with excitement for the upcoming arrival to their family. Most babies are born as expected and are healthy and ready to go home in a few days. But occasionally an unexpected birth injury occurs that causes a serious injury to the newborn.

A brachial plexus injury is an injury that can happen to a newborn. There are many different causes for a brachial plexus injury including birth trauma. A brachial plexus injury occurs when the nerves that connect the spine to the shoulders, arm and hand are damaged. Many times a brachial plexus injury occurs during birth when the baby's shoulders get caught in the birth canal. A doctor may cause an injury to the baby when they try and deliver the baby.

A forceps delivery can lead to serious injuries

Pittsburgh residents who are expecting the birth of their baby are usually filled with excitement and maybe some anxiety as well. The birth of a baby usually goes as expected with very few complications. But occasionally a birth injury occurs that is unexpected and makes a joyous situation suddenly very sad.

One type of injury that can occur during the delivery process is an extractor injury. A forceps delivery can have some serious consequences. Forceps are occasionally used during a vaginal delivery. During the delivery the medical provider applies the forceps, which look like salad tongs, to the baby's head to help move the baby out. It is used when the labor isn't progressing or if the baby needs to be delivered immediately.

Surgical errors can change a life forever

Many Pittsburgh residents have had to have a surgery. Surgeries are necessary to life-threatening conditions, orthopedic concerns and many other reasons. Most of the time these surgeries go as planned but occasionally a surgical error occurs that causes a major unexpected injury.

Surgical errors can happen to anyone. They can happen when a surgery is performed on the wrong part of the body. Or a surgeon can make an error and perforate the bowel unexpectedly. Sometimes surgical instruments, sponges, or other items are left inside patients and not found until the patient unexpectedly feels awful. There can also be an anesthesiology error where a failure to monitor causes severe brain damage.

How long does a patient have to file a medical malpractice suit?

Hopefully most people in Pittsburgh will not be affected by medical malpractice. But when it does occur patients should know they have legal rights. These rights including holding the medical professional accountable for their negligence including a failure to diagnose a medical condition. So how long does a patient have to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in PA?

In Pennsylvania a patient has 2 years to bring a medical malpractice case. The two years is from when the injury is discovered or when the injury should have been discovered. A minor who has been injured has until 2 years after he turns 18 to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Did pediatric surgery center use dirty equipment on patients?

When a person needs to have surgery in Pittsburgh it can be nerve-wracking. Surgery is stressful no matter how routine it is. When the surgery is performed on a pediatric patient parents can often feel helpless. A pediatric surgery center is in the news because it may have performed thousands of surgery with dirty equipment, putting these patients at risk of a surgical error.

When a person goes into surgery they are told of the risks that they may face. But the explained risks assume that the equipment used to perform the surgery will be sterilized. This appears to not be the case in a pediatric surgery center in Seattle.

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