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3 things fathers should know about birth injuries

Two of the most joyful times in your life should be your wife's pregnancy and your child's birth. However, not all fathers get to experience this joy. Some fathers must deal with a tumultuous pregnancy followed by trouble in the delivery room. Either of these scenarios can be devastating. Fathers who have a wife or baby affected by a birth injury should keep a few points in mind, should they opt to seek compensation.

What to do if you suffered because of a medication error

When we go to the doctor or hospital, we as patients expect medical professionals to initiate a treatment plan. For most patients in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, this often means being prescribed a medication. While medications are available, it is possible that certain ones could result in a patient suffering a worsened condition. In addition, if a doctor makes a medication error and a patient is given the wrong dose or wrong medication, this could mean serious health issues or even death.

Medication mistakes could be the result of various negligent actions in hospitals and healthcare facilities. A prescription could be administered to a patient in the wrong dose due to illegible handwriting. A pharmacy could fill the wrong medication because two medications are similarly abbreviated. Even more so, a medication mistake could occur when a patient is taking multiple medications and a medical professional did not take steps to avoid negative effects when they interact with each other.

Could reducing trucking regulations mean more truck accidents?

Every day, large commercial trucks travel on major roadways throughout Pennsylvania and other states across the nation. While these massive tractor-trailer trucks present many risks to other drivers, federal trucking regulations exist to mitigate these risks. However, with the recent election and the impending change in the nation's highest political office, it is possible that some of these regulations might be eliminated. While these changes could mean improvements in the trucking industry, they could have unwanted consequences.

Could reducing trucking regulations mean more truck accidents? A Congressional group sent a report to President-elect Trump in early December in which the group recommended eliminating over 200 existing rules and regulations. A Congressman from North Carolina stated that these regulations, many which were implemented during the Obama Administration, have hurt working families, businesses and taxpayers across the nation.

What are the common causes of motorcycle accidents?

While most motorcyclists in Pennsylvania put their bikes away as soon as the winter weather made an appearance, some die-hard riders still may take their bikes out when warm days make an appearance. Thus, motorists should expect to share the road with motorcyclists no matter the time of year or the weather. And while fewer motorcyclists travel the roadways in the colder months, it is still important to understand how motorcycle accidents could occur.

What are the common causes of motorcycle accidents? There are many risks associated with riding a motorcycle, and many of these risks are related to the small size of the bike and the frequent distractions on the roadway. In fact, in two-thirds of motorcycle accidents a driver in another vehicle caused the accident by violating the motorcyclist's right-of-way.

Medication errors caused by nurses are common

Going to the doctor should be at least a yearly event for Pennsylvania residents. Whether it is for your yearly checkup, because you are feeling ill or for ongoing treatment, patients continually visit their medical professionals, whom they rely on and trust. While nurses and doctors are educated and trained to properly treat and care for patients, some mistakes can occur during their encounters with patients. And when it comes to medication errors occurring, nurses are frequently to blame.

According to recent research, the most common drug error made by registered nurses dealt with cardiovascular drugs. These medication errors accounted for 24.7 percent of preventable medical errors. In the hospital setting, it was found that 11.3 percent of medication errors made were associated with anticoagulants.

Tests discovered to diagnose a potentially fatal head injury

People in Pennsylvania and elsewhere sometimes partake in activities that pose serious risks to their head. Whether it is a bicycle ride, motorcycle cruise, playing a contact sport or traveling in an automobile, only some of these activities provide specific safety equipment, such as a helmet, to protect the skull or brain in the event of a serious accident. The reality is that even a head injury that seems minute could present serious problems down the line.

A concussion, which has often been described as a mild brain injury, is commonly attributed to blunt force trauma often occurring in a car crash or contact sport. Although many view this injury as minor, it is in fact a brain injury that could be potentially fatal. Therefore, researchers have recently discovered a reliable test that could help diagnose a potentially fatal brain injury following a concussion.

Helping you hold a negligent doctor liable for birth injuries

Bringing new life into the world is an exciting event for parents. It is also an exciting career for the medical professionals that partake in the pregnancy, labor and delivery process. While much time and effort goes into planning and preparing for the birth of a child, the parent-to-be cannot always prepare and avoid any and all issues and complications. And there is one event that a parent can never prepare for -- the negligence of a medical professional helping with the birth of their child.

Hearing that your newborn has suffered birth trauma is never easy. Such an event is likely shocking, unfathomable and often traumatic. At Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C., our dedicated attorneys understand the tragedy that new parents are going through after discovering that their newborn has suffered a birth injury. Our law firm is devoted to helping parents in the Pittsburgh area navigate these events.

A deeper look at the causes, symptoms and treatment of TBIs

No one ever expects to be in a serious accident. Even more so, victims do not expect to suffer serious injuries such as brain trauma. Brain injury victims in Pennsylvania and other states across the nation are likely to incur long-term effects. This not only impacts the victim physically, mentally and emotionally, but it is also likely to affect them financially. For some individuals suffering a traumatic brain injury or a TBI, the recovery and treatment process could be lengthy and challenging.

A TBI is an injury to the head that results in damage to the brain. There are many causes of TBI's; however, many of them include an outside force such as a bump to the head, a foreign object penetrating the skull of a victim or the brain violently bouncing or twisting inside a victim's skull due to sudden jolts. Between 2006 and 2010, falls accounted for roughly 40 percent of all recorded TBIs in the United States.

What's the difference between cerebral palsy and Erb's palsy?

Parents-to-be often do not focus on the risks associated with childbirth. Mothers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere may try not to think of the chances their baby could be born with a disability or suffer harm due to a birth injury. However, the unfortunate truth is that birth injuries are possible, and the life of an injured newborn could be greatly altered due to the negligence of a medical professional.

Two of the most common birth injuries a newborn could suffer are cerebral palsy and Erb's palsy. While these conditions have similar sounding names, these birth injuries result from two very different conditions. What's the difference between cerebral palsy and Erb's palsy?

Families should be alert for signs of nursing home negligence

If you have a disabled or elderly family member who is a resident in a Pittsburgh-area nursing home, you are their best line of defense regarding incidents of negligence and abuse. A loved one's age, infirmities and declining cognitive functions can render them unable to protest against or report any indignities they may have suffered in the facility. Essentially, this makes them the perfect victims for abuse and negligence.

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