Wrongful death results in $3 million settlement, Fink v. Fox

Pennsylvania Law Weekly


Fox, an employee of Troyer Transportation, was driving a truck in the course of his employment when he ran a red light and struck Fink’s car. Fink had to be air lifted to a hospital in Pittsburgh, where he died the next day without regaining consciousness.

Fink was 48-when he died. He was the business manager for a school district in Clarion County and is survived by his wife and two children.

The case was settled for $3 million at a pre-trial conference.

COURT C.P. Allegheny No.
CASE NUMBER G.D. 00-7859
JURY VERDICT $3 million
JUDGE David Cercone
TYPE OF CASE Wrongful death and survival
ATTORNEY(S) Neil R. Rosen,
Rosen Louik & Perry, Pittsburgh
Ansrandig McDyer Burdette & Yurcon, Pittsburgh.
PLAINTIFF EXPERT(S): James Kenkel, Ph.D., Pittsburgh.
DEFENSE EXPERT(S): Jack Ochs, Ph.D., Pittsburgh.