Young Girl Suffers Hypoxic Shock and Apnea after Accidental vecuronium Administration

Our client was a 5-year old female who presented to the emergency room with vomiting and diarrhea. Due to her dehydration, emergency room employees were ordered to administer fluids. While starting a new IV, a nurse attempted to flush the IV with a syringe believed to contain a pre-mixed saline solution. However, instead of saline, an excessive amount of vecuronium, a paralytic typically used to incapacitate a patient prior to intubation or surgery, was mistakenly administered to client. As a result, our client became cyanotic and could not breathe on her own. She ultimately suffered hypoxic shock and apnea but made a full recovery. The client retained Rosen Louik & Perry to pursue a damages claim. Our Allegheny medical malpractice lawyers determined the medication error caused her condition to worsen. This case settled for $220,000.00.

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