Needlessly Prolonged Labor Results In Severe Brain And Organ Injury To Child

This medical malpractice case arose out of severe injuries suffered by a newborn as a consequence of a prolonged, unnecessary labor induced by client’s doctors and as a result of client’s failing to perform a Cesarean section at an earlier time. It was predictable that the force and duration of contractions needed to produce an eventual vaginal delivery would subject client’s child to inadequate oxygen and circulation, which could permanently injure the child. Defendants permitted these delays in spite of repetitive evidence that minor plaintiff was suffering severe distress as a consequence of an ineffective and prolonged labor. When the child was finally delivered, he was resuscitated vigorously at the time of his birth. However, the lack of oxygen to which he was subject during the labor resulted in multi-organ system failure for which he required critical care. Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Pittsburgh, Rosen Louik & Perry, determined that this course of action resulted in severe brain injury and disability. This case settled for $ 2,900,000.00.

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