Dosage Error Leads to Complications

Settlement Reached After Medication Error


Our client’s gynecologist obtained an abnormal pap smear from her and prescribed a medicated cream that she was to apply to her vagina twice daily. Our client then took the prescription to a pharmacy. The pharmacy called our client’s gynecologist to confirm the dosage and twice daily application, and the gynecologist confirmed the initial prescription.

Our client experienced pain when she began to apply the cream to her vagina, and she called her gynecologist who confirmed that this was normal and to continue as prescribed. After applying the cream for five days, our client developed painful, oozing sores over her vulva. She developed vulvovaginitis due to the cream and experienced great pain.

Further research revealed the cream should be applied no more than three times a week rather than twice daily as our client had been prescribed. Rosen Louik & Perry resolved this matter out of court.