Delay in Examination Disables Client

Medical Malpractice Leads to Several Million Dollar Recovery for Client


Our client underwent a lumbar laminectomy (a decompression that creates space in the vertebra by removing the lamina) and a spinal fusion to alleviate pain in her back. After the procedure, a nurse reported severe weakness in both legs of our client to a Physician Assistant, a potential sign of spinal cord compression, which is a surgical emergency. However, our client was not seen or examined for another 10 hours.

A subsequent scan revealed a large epidural hematoma – a collection of blood within the space around the spinal cord. The large epidural hematoma was removed, but our client ultimately suffered from bilateral foot drops and other motor problems involving her lower extremities. The failure of our client’s medical personnel to properly examine and recognize her neurologic symptoms permanently confined our client to a wheelchair. Rosen Louik & Perry recovered several million dollars for this client.