Misread X-Rays Lead to Complications

Failure to Diagnose Leads to Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our elderly client, a resident in a nursing home, fell in the hallway of her care facility and complained of pain in her left leg. A mobile X-ray unit was called to the nursing home and a total of three views of her left femur were obtained via x-ray. The radiologist in question interpreted the films as displaying no fracture.

The next day, when our client was still complaining of pain, the mobile x-ray unit was called back to the nursing home. More x-rays and different views were taken and sent to a different radiologist for interpretation; this radiologist interpreted the films as showing no fracture. Our client continued to have difficulty walking and with daily activities for the next two months, at which point in time a new x-ray revealed she had a left femur fracture.

Due to our client’s age, she was not able to partake in surgery or physical therapy. Her left leg was noted to be shortened and she remained unable to stand or walk without the assistance of two people. Our lawyers at Rosen Louik & Perry alleged that the delay in recognizing our client’s fracture led to her injuries. Rosen Louik & Perry resolved this case for several hundred thousand dollars.