Client Passes Away After Medical Providers Negligently Allow Monitors to Disconnect

Seven Figure Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our elderly client underwent a six-vessel coronary bypass surgery and tolerated the surgery well. Doctors ordered that our client’s vital signs be monitored with two different systems.

The day after our client’s surgery, he began exhibiting confusion. Two days after surgery, our client had become combative and began pulling off his monitors; doctors ordered that he be placed in restraints. Later that day, a nurse found our client disconnected from his monitors and his heart was flatlined and not functioning. Our client was declared brain dead and passed away a few weeks later.

Our lawyers argued that our client’s medical providers negligently allowed our client to be disconnected from the monitoring devices. Had our client remained on the monitors, they would have alerted medical providers and our client may have obtained a different outcome. Rosen Louik & Perry settled this case for seven figures.