Improper Post-Surgical Care Leads to Amputation

Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our client elected to proceed with surgical intervention to correct bilateral bunions. When our client returned five days after surgery for a follow-up, she was informed that her treating surgeon had left the country for vacation.

Our client was examined by her treating surgeon’s partner, who removed the gauze on her feet. Our client’s right fourth toe was markedly different from all of the other toes appearing swollen, discolored, and exhibiting clear signs of vascular impairment, but the doctor attributed this discoloration to a blood blister. The doctor poked the toe with a sharp object and drained a small amount of fluid. Our client’s foot was once again wrapped in gauze and she was instructed to return for a follow-up appointment in five days.

When she returned five days later and the gauze was removed, her right fourth toe revealed obvious necrosis. Although treatment was attempted, our client’s toe developed gangrene and was eventually amputated. Our lawyers alleged that our client’s post-surgical site was improperly cared for. Rosen Louik & Perry resolved this matter out of court.