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School bus driver dead in truck accident

The morning commute can be a headache for some in Pennsylvania. But, residents usually reach their schools and workplaces without much incident. Yet, it only takes one wrong move by an impatient driver to cause a devastating collision. This was the case recently as a school bus driver was killed.

Rest stops prevent truck driver fatigue, but they are dying out

Peppering highways and interstates running throughout Pennsylvania are rest stops. Not only were they pleasant place for drivers to have a picnic, use the restroom and check out a map, but also these rest stops were a beacon to weary truck drivers. Even the simplest ones still provided truck drivers with a safe place to stop and catch some sleep. After all, a drowsy truck driver is a dangerous truck driver. But, these rest stops are starting to disappear across the nation.

Will self-driving trucks lead to a reduction of truck accidents?

Self-driving vehicles may seem like something out of a sci-fi novel or movie, but as Pennsylvania residents may know, they are being developed for eventual use by a number of up-and-coming ventures. One of these companies, Embark -- a self-driving truck startup -- has officially revealed its highway autopilot system that it believes will be the "brain" of self-driving trucks.

Study suggests trucker health can factor into truck accidents

Trucks are a part of the landscape in Allegheny and across the U.S. While the majority of these trucks are simply seen and accepted as necessary to transport goods back and forth, it can be ignored that an 18-wheeler truck accident can cause serious injuries and even death. These vehicles are large, often travel at high speed and go long distances. The drivers might or might not be qualified. The truck could be operated unsafely. For those who have been injured or lost a loved one in a truck crash, certain factors that recede into the background must be considered. One is trucker health.

Two dead in six-vehicle truck crash in Pennsylvania

Every day, countless commercial trucks travel on major roadways throughout Pennsylvania and other states across the nation. While these vehicles play a vital role, shipping and delivering goods to and from places, semi-trucks can also cause dangers on the roads as well. Although federal trucking regulations seek to reduce the dangers and accidents caused by commercial trucks, no regulation can prevent negligent truck drivers from getting behind the wheel.

Could reducing trucking regulations mean more truck accidents?

Every day, large commercial trucks travel on major roadways throughout Pennsylvania and other states across the nation. While these massive tractor-trailer trucks present many risks to other drivers, federal trucking regulations exist to mitigate these risks. However, with the recent election and the impending change in the nation's highest political office, it is possible that some of these regulations might be eliminated. While these changes could mean improvements in the trucking industry, they could have unwanted consequences.

What does one need to know after a truck accident?

Driving near a large commercial truck is commonplace for most motorists in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. These massive vehicles help with the transportation of various goods, assisting with intrastate and interstate commerce. And, with the increase in the purchase of goods and commodities, and the demand to have them delivered sooner, it is likely that drivers will share the road with numerous semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks.

Pennsylvania truck accident injures one

For most motorists, it is common to share the roadways with numerous vehicles of different shapes and sizes. While a driver might frequently encounter a large truck, such as a tractor-trailer or a semi-truck. Some drivers might feel less at ease traveling behind, or directly right next to, a commercial truck. This fear or concern might stem from the ability for these massive vehicles to generate a large accident site, if a truck driver is negligent and collides with another motorist.

What are the common causes of truck crashes?

Rarely do motorists in Pennsylvania and other states travel on the interstate without any other vehicles present. Even during the late night hours, the chances of sharing the road with a commercial truck, such as a semi-truck or a tractor-trailer truck, are very high. While these massive trucks have the right to be on the road like any other vehicle that is safe for travel, commercial trucks do pose some major risks on the roadway that could cause a truck accident.

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