Resection of Mediastinal Mass Results in Transected Artery and Dissected Brachial Plexus

The client was scheduled for resection of a benign anterior mediastinal mass. The client was taken to the operating room where a doctor attempted to perform a thoracoscopic procedure. During the procedure, apparently, the doctor believed that he was incising what appeared to be a mass but when the first section was sent to pathology it was reported as containing a portion of nerve while the second portion that was removed was reported as containing a major artery. Another doctor explored the surgical area and found that the lower trunk of the brachial plexus had been dissected. Another different doctor explored the area and found that the left subclavian and axillary artery had been transected. Pittsburgh Malpractice Law Firm Rosen Louik & Perry proved wrongdoing. The client suffered a devastating injury to his arm and the case settled for $1,900,000.00.

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