Patient Suffers Malignant Hypothermia during Surgery

The client was taken to the operating room for a septoplasty and a left ethmoidectomy, a procedure to rid the client of chronic sinus infections. The client had a history of sinusitis, which had been refractory, or resistant, to medical management. During the course of the operative procedure, the client developed problems, which caused the doctor to wonder whether or not he had malignant hypothermia. It was later determined during that hospitalization that the client suffered from a traumatically induced subarachnoid hemorrhage. The doctor being sued deviated from accepted standards of care in his surgical management of this patient. Once the doctor realized that surgical problems had occurred, which the doctor had caused, the patient was sent to a different hospital for neurosurgical evaluation and care. Work-up at that hospital revealed that the client had a traumatic defect of the anterior skull base. The client still suffers from disabilities. Medical malpractice lawyers of Pittsburgh, PA, Rosen Louik & Perry represented the surgical malpractice claim. The case was settled for $650,000.00.

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