Missed Colorectal Cancer Leads to Death

Seven Figure Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our client presented to her medical provider with a six-month history of red blood in her bowel movements. Our client underwent a colonoscopy which showed internal hemorrhoids. Our client’s doctor attributed her symptoms to the hemorrhoids and recommended that she undergo a repeat colonoscopy five years later.

Despite the medical literature clearly detailing a problem with experienced colonoscopists missing lesions during colonoscopy, our client’s doctor ruled out cancer and treated our client’s hemorrhoids with medication. 16 months later, our client was found to have Stage IV colorectal cancer. Our client battled for 28 months but eventually succumbed to the disease.

Our lawyers hired an expert who stated our client’s doctor should have realized her symptoms were not consistent with hemorrhoids and should have more diligently followed-up. Rosen Louik & Perry settled this case for mid-seven figures.