Excessive Fluid Administration Results in Permanent Brain Damage

Our client was admitted into the hospital to have an outpatient surgery done on her right ear. Client was having what is commonly known as tubes placed in her ears. After the surgery and while in the recovery room, the client began to vomit causing her admission into the hospital overnight for monitoring. No physician ordered or authorized nursing staff to administer client fluids, but the client continued receiving them at an excessive rate. Soon client fell into coma from the swelling of her brain as a result of the excessive amount of fluids she was administered. Client now suffers from permanent brain damage and continues to suffer from severe neurologic deficits, motor control deficits and cognitive deficiencies. Client is mainstreamed in school but has residual mental and physical deficiencies. Client’s family contacted Rosen Louik & Perry, Pennsylvania Brain Damage Attorneys, to evaluate a claim. This case settled for $7,000,000.00.

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