Doctors Fail to Diagnose Breast Cancer Resulting in Death

In this case, a doctor failed to diagnose breast cancer in our client. By the time of diagnosis, the client had metastatic disease, a disease that has broken outside of the primary tumor and has traveled elsewhere. Radiation and chemotherapy are given in order to eradicate and cure cancer upon early detection before it spreads elsewhere in the body. The important issue in this case was whether the breast cancer was metastatic when it could, and should, have been detected. Due to the failure to diagnose earlier, our client had no chance of beating her disease. The Pennsylvania Law Office of Rosen Louik & Perry represented the victim in the failure to diagnose breast cancer medical malpractice claim. The defendants disagreed arguing that the patient would not have benefited from earlier diagnosis. After an eight-day trial, the jury awarded the client $12,800,000.00.

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