Client Passes Away After Developing Legionnaire’s Disease at Nursing Facility

Post Operative Care Malpractice Leads to Settlement


Our client, a healthy, active man, underwent a successful quadruple bypass surgery. He was sent to a nursing facility for post-operative recovery and was recovering well.

Ten days later, our client began to complain of chest pain, soreness, tightness, a fever, chest congestion, pain, and a loss of appetite. He was taken to a nearby hospital, and was informed shortly after his transfer that the nursing facility he had been recovering in had recently confirmed an outbreak of Legionnaire’s pneumonia that originated in a faulty water system at the facility. Our client’s body was slowly overwhelmed by the Legionnaire’s disease over a thirteen day period, and he eventually passed away after losing the ability to communicate with his family.

Our lawyers claimed the nursing facility had no systems in place to manage the outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease despite the fact that a significant portion of the facility’s patients were at high risk of contracting the disease. Rosen Louik & Perry settled this case for several hundred thousand dollars.