Client Impacted by Truck and Crushed Against Wall Outside Hospital

Multi-Million Dollar Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement



Our client, working as a respiratory therapist at a hospital, went on break and was sitting at a picnic table outside the hospital. The Defendant, working for a tree removal company, was driving around the hospital parking lot in a pickup truck looking for a maintenance employee of the hospital to discuss tree removal services.

The Defendant located an individual who offered to let him into the hospital so he could report to the maintenance department. The Defendant exited his truck and left it in an area located at the top of a down ramp leading to the entrance of the hospital where our client was sitting on the picnic table nearby. The Defendant did not turn the vehicle off or apply the parking brake but instead left the vehicle running and idling in the parking lot. As the Defendant began to proceed toward the hospital entrance, the truck mobilized and began to move toward the picnic table where our client was seated. The truck collided with a brick wall but continued to travel forward towards our client, gaining speed as it moved.

Our client attempted to move out of the way but the truck impacted him, pushing the picnic table into him and crushing him against the brick wall behind him. Our client, still conscious, was immediately taken to the hospital’s emergency department. He was sedated and transported to another hospital where he died as a result of the injuries inflicted by the collision. Rosen Louik & Perry settled this case for multi-million dollars.