Unnecessary Surgery Results in Death of Patient

This client died after her doctor performed several risky surgical operations that were not required and not necessary or relevant to treat the client. After presenting to the hospital with abdominal pain, client was diagnosed with reflux esophagitis and hiatal hernia. At the time, client had an Angel chick prothesis that had been inserted years earlier and was functioning successfully and properly. However, client’s doctor removed this device to construct a Nissen fundoplication, and in doing so, perforated client’s esophagus and stomach wall, rendering the client severely ill. After client’s doctor performed another surgery to repair client’s abdominal abscess and perforation, client began to exhibit symptoms indicating that the drainage had been inadequate and that client had developed an infection as a result. Nevertheless, client’s doctor discharged client from the hospital. After client had to be re-admitted to the hospital, bizarrely, client’s doctor decided to remove a part of client’s stomach and ovaries, with no medical reason to do so. In the process, the doctor lacerated client’s spleen and transected her common bile duct and hepatic artery. Client began to hemorrhage heavily and went in shock, and client’s doctor failed to provide for immediate blood availability from a blood bank earlier. To restore blood, the doctor then utilized a “cell saver;” however, the blood the doctor retrieved and recycled back into the client was contaminated and as a result, client died a short time later. Rosen Louik & Perry of Pittsburgh, PA argued a medical malpractice death claim for the family of the client. This case settled for $ 772,600.00.

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