Stage III Lung Cancer Goes Untreated for 15 Months Leading to Aggressive Chemotherapy Complications

This client presented to his physician with pain his rib cage and expressed concern over symptoms of lung cancer, as he had a family history of the disease. He was ordered to undergo a chest x-ray, which indeed revealed a lesion in his chest. However, a doctor interpreted the x-ray as negative. The client continued to suffer chest pain for several months, during which time his physician diagnosed client with musculoskeletal pain. After a fifteen month delay, a chest x-ray performed by a pulmonologist led to the diagnosis of stage III lung cancer that had been present since client’s original presentation to his doctor. After consulting with our resident medical experts, Pittsburgh cancer malpractice lawyers at Rosen Louik & Perry determined that the delay in diagnosis and treatment forced client to undergo aggressive chemotherapy and radiation and suffered complications as a result. This case settled for policy limits of $1,200,000.00.

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