Patient Undergoes Unnecessary Mastectomy after Being Misdiagnosed with Breast Cancer

A doctor’s misinterpretation of a breast biopsy caused this client to be misdiagnosed with a recurrent infiltrating lobular carcinoma within the client’s right breast. The treatment for this radical cancer was total mastectomy which this 68-year old client agreed to have performed. When the removed breast was sent to pathology, pathologists determined that client had no cancer in her removed breast. Thus, client was forced to undergo an unnecessary total mastectomy of her right breast. Rosen Louik & Perry represented the client’s breast cancer malpractice claim and discovery revealed that a pathologist had switched client’s slides with the slides of a woman who did have breast cancer. This case settled for $850,000.00.

Improper diagnosis or pathology errors resulting in unnecessary surgery can cause pain or long-term disabilities. Learn more about how pathology malpractice.