Patient Succumbs to Cancer After Doctors Fail to Diagnose Tumor

The client, a long-term tobacco user, presented to his doctor complaining of a sore throat and change in voice. After undergoing a physical examination and CT scan, client’s doctor interpreted the lesion in client’s neck as clinically benign. Soon after, client presented to the emergency room exhibiting signs of progressive airway compromise and was found to have a near-total airway obstruction caused by a large laryngeal mass within client’s throat. Due to the delay in diagnosis, this massive supraglottal tumor ultimately metastasized and despite radical surgery and chemotherapy, client succumbed to the cancer. Pennsylvania Malpractice Law Firm Rosen Louik & Perry represented client’s family in a failure to diagnosecancer claim. The case settled for $250,000.00.

Failure to diagnose cancer can lead to delayed treatment, surgery or worse. Rosen Louik & Perry will fight for your rights if you’ve been a victim of failed diagnosis. Call our Pennsylvania Malpractice Law Firmtoday, we are standing by to evaluate your case free of charge.