Patient Never Offered Colonoscopy, Dies from Colorectal Cancer

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Several Hundred Thousand Dollars


At the age of 49, our client came under the care of the primary care physician alleged to be negligent in this case. Primary care physicians are required to recommend colonoscopy screenings to their patients beginning at the age of 50 for standard patients and the age of 40 for patients with a family history of colorectal cancer. Our client’s father had previously suffered from colorectal cancer that was treated by the physician alleged to be negligent in this case.

Despite these facts, the physician in question never recommended our client undergo a colonoscopy over the 26 year period that our client visited the physician’s office. Furthermore, the doctor in question drew abnormal blood samples that could have potentially shown our client was suffering from colorectal cancer, but the doctor failed to thoroughly investigate them.

Unfortunately, our client developed stage IV metastatic colorectal cancer and succumbed to the disease. Our law firm alleged that had our client undergone appropriate colorectal cancer screening, his cancer would have been detected in its pre-cancerous form and would have been routinely removed. Rosen Louik & Perry settled this case for several hundred thousand dollars.