Patient Dies Following Cardiopulmonary Arrest Due to Malpositioned Duodenal Feeding Tube

This client, a 73-year-old man, died following a cardiopulmonary arrest caused by aspiration triggered by a malpositioned duodenal feeding tube, which had looped back upon itself and lodged within the patient’s esophagus. Unfortunately, doctors and nurses responsible for client’s medical care failed to check the tube’s position (despite being told to do so) before they authorized its use. This resulted in the spillage of the patient’s enteric feeds into his upper airway, precipitating his cardiopulmonary arrest and anoxic brain damage. At the time of the arrest, anesthesiologists discovered a large bolus of feedings within the patient’s upper airway. Despite intervention, client died a short time later. A malpractice wrongful death claim was filed by Western Pennsylvania Malpractice Lawyers Rosen Louik & Perry. This case settled for $400,000.00.

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