Patient Dies After Doctors Fail to Treat Post-Surgery Symptoms

This retired client suffered from a thyroid condition. She had a procedure done called a left thyroid lobectomy. Post surgery, client’s condition deteriorated and she experienced signs and symptoms of airway compression which included, but were not limited to, dyspnea, difficulty swallowing, difficulty speaking and increased neck swelling. The presence of a hematoma within the tissues of the client’s neck, which was compressing and causing partial obstruction of the trachea and/or esophagus, was the cause of the client’s deteriorating condition. If timely recognized this condition can be cured causing no long-term problems. As the client’s condition worsened, the doctor and nurses in charge of post-operative care ignored the client’s condition and the client tragically went into cardiac arrest and died. Malpractice lawyers of Pittsburgh, Rosen Louik & Perry represented the post-surgical malpractice claim. The case settled for $950,000.00.

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