Ophthalmologist Damages Patient’s Eye during Cataract Surgery Causing Significant Vision Loss

This case involves an elderly client, who had long been blind in the left eye, who lost significant vision in the right eye following a cataract surgery. Client contacted Rosen Louik & Perry, The Caring Lawyers to file a claim. The client contended that the treating ophthalmologist damaged the right eye during the surgery and failed to manage post-operative intraocular hypertension that appeared following surgery thereby permanently damaging the client’s right optic nerve. Defendant doctor argued that he met the standard of care during his cataract surgery. This case settled for $350,000.00.

Eye Surgery Malpractice could lead to vision impairment or less. If your eye surgery has gone wrong and you suffer side effects, reach out to the law offices of Rosen Louik & Perry.