Ob Gyn Fails To Properly Diagnose And Treat Breast Cancer Patient

Our client presented to her OB/GYN with a strong history of breast cancer and upon her discovery of a lump during a self-breast exam. The lump was palpated by her OB/GYN and she was told the lump was of no clinical significance. She had a mammogram which was interpreted as normal. Within months, after returning to her OB/GYN for a routine gynecological exam, her breast lump was again felt by her doctor and again she was assured it was not cancerous. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 15 months later. Rosen Louik & Perry proved that the radiologist had misinterpreted the original mammogram and that her OB/GYN was obligated to biopsy any palpable lump not explained as benign on a mammogram. The case settled for $1,125,000.00.

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