Negligent Removal of Portions of Temporal Lobe Negatively Affects Patient’s Speech, Memory and Cognitive Funct

Client suffered from epileptic seizures occurring since childhood. Under the belief that the seizures were originating in client’s left temporal lobe, doctors surgically implanted electrodes into client’s brain to confirm the seizures’ precise location. However, after the surgery, a nurse accidentally cut the wire leads to the electrodes that had been implanted, leaving doctors with only a small observation window to determine the location of the seizures. As a result, doctors pre-maturely removed portions of client’s temporal lobe. After the surgery, client’s seizures continued. Moreover, the portions of the client’s brain that were removed affected her speech, memory and cognitive function due to doctors negligently removing these portions of the brain without verifying whether those areas controlled vital functions such as speech, language and cognitive skills. Surgical negligence caused permanent harm to client and Rosen Louik & Perry represented the claim. This case settled for $1,775,000.00.

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