Mobile Crisis Unit’s Failure to Adequately Assess Patient Leads to Stabbings

Medical Malpractice Settlement for Several Million Dollars


Our clients’ son started to exhibit bizarre behavior, seclusion, and violent threats and ideations. Worried, our clients contacted a mobile crisis unit for a psychological evaluation. The mobile crisis unit visited with our clients’ son who became angry and upset. The unit did not asses our clients’ son for lethality or potential danger, instead telling our clients to keep monitoring their son and to call the crisis unit back if he exhibited dangerous or lethal behavior.

The next day, their son stabbed his 11 year old twin half-brothers. One of the brothers was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other survived after multiple surgeries and complications. Our attorneys alleged the mobile crisis unit failed to reasonably assess and warn our clients about their son’s risk of violence. Rosen Louik & Perry resolved this matter out of court for several million dollars.