Mistreated Shotgun Wound to the Face Results in Permanent Blindness

The client was involved in a hunting accident and sustained a shotgun wound to the right face, right neck and shoulder. Review of a CT scan revealed 5 to 6 pellets located intracranially via an entrance from the right side of the client’s head. Most of the pellets intracranially were toward the midline of the brain on the left side of the head in the frontal area. The client came under the care of an ophthalmologist for shotgun wounds but was mistreated, thereby causing a rupture of the choroid of the right eye causing macular blindness. The specific diagnosis was choroidal rupture with extensive fibrous material overlying the inferotemporal macular region. The Caring Lawyers, Rosen Louik & Perry represented the client’s blindness surgical error claim. The client is permanently blind in the right eye and also suffers from depression as well as loss of sleep and short-term memory loss. The case was settled for $275,000.00, policy limits plus private payment.

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