Man Suffers Severe Injuries upon Being Struck by Tri-axle Truck

Our client was struck by a tri-axel truck and suffered injuries including a below the knee amputation, dislocation of both hips, broken pelvis, contusions, bruises, lacerations and abrasions in and about various parts of the body, and the tearing of the muscles, tissues and ligaments thereof. The client brought his car crash claim to Rosen Louik & Perry, the Pittsburgh area’s premiere auto accident attorneys. The client also experienced damage to the nervous system. Defendants contended that the client was contributorily negligent and more than 50% responsible for this accident, alleging that the client walked behind the tri-axel truck and into a blind spot. A finding of contributory negligence in excess of 50% would bar Plaintiff from any recovery at all. A finding of 50% or less contributory negligence would reduce any verdict by the percentage of contributory negligence determined by the jury. Rosen Louik & Perry retained experts and re-created the accident, thereby demonstrating that Defendant was more at fault than the client. This case settled for policy limits of $950,000.00.

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