Improper Stent Leads to Complications

Several Hundred Thousand Dollar Medical Malpractice Settlement


Our client was found to have aneurysms, or enlargements of the arteries, in his right and left leg; his treating cardiologist convinced our client to undergo an arterial stenting procedure.

Our client underwent arterial stenting of the left leg and was told the stent the cardiologist in question deployed was too short and that another procedure on the same leg would be required in a few weeks. Shortly following the initial procedure, our client began experiencing pain, burning, jabbing, and trouble walking in his left leg. Our client reported these problems to the cardiologist in question and was told the problems would be addressed when he underwent subsequent leg stenting.

When our client presented for the stenting, he was told his cardiologist had called off that day. Another cardiologist examined our client and a study revealed a complete occlusion, or blockage, of our client’s left femoral and popliteal arteries. A vascular surgeon was summoned, and this surgeon noted clear signs of ischemia or a decreased blood supply. Our client’s leg was dangerously close to being amputated but the surgeon was able to save it with an emergency procedure.

Had the cardiologist in question used an appropriately sized stent, all of our client’s complications would have been avoided. As a result of the negligence of the cardiologist, our client will live with permanent pain and reduced function of his left leg. Rosen Louik & Perry settled this case for several hundred thousand dollars.