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Hospital Staff Accidentally Leave Five Surgical Sponges in Patient Causing Severe Infection

Five 3″ by 4″ surgical sponges were left in this client’s stomach while undergoing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Due to a miscount by operating room nurses, the egregious mistake went unnoted until the client developed a severe infection as a result of the sponges. The client required a second surgery in order to remove the surgical sponges. The client filed a surgical malpractice claim with the help of Rosen Louik & Perry. This case settled for $170,000.00.

Mistakes in the operating room often have serious consequences for the health of the patient. If you feel you’ve been the victim of a surgical mistake, contact Rosen Louik & Perry today. We’ve settled many surgical malpractice cases and are ready to help you. Call us at 800.440.5297 or email our office.