Gynecologist Misdiagnoses Invasive Breast Cancer as Fibrocystic Tissue

This client in her mid-thirties felt a lump on her breast during a self breast exam and went to her gynecologist requesting a mammogram. After feeling the lump, the gynecologist informed the client that the lump was fibrocystic tissue and refused her mammogram request. Fifteen months later, the client was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. The doctor was sued for violating the standard of care by not obtaining a tissue diagnosis of the lump felt by patient. Rosen Louik & Perry, malpractice lawyers, represented the client’s breast cancer malpractice claim. Defendants argued both that the standard of care was not violated and that the delay made no difference in outcome. The case was settled for $900,000.00.

Cancer misdiagnosis can be devastating. Delays in imperative life-saving treatment can severely affect the course of medical treatment. If you believe your cancer was not correctly diagnoses, contact Rosen Louik & Perry, Malpractice Lawyers. We specialize in cancer misdiagnosis malpractice cases.