Gun Owner’s Negligence Leads to Wrongful Death

Personal Injury Case Settled for Millions of Dollars


The Defendant, in this case, was the owner of a gun sales company. The Defendant decided to acquire a high speed, multi-barrel weapon known as a “Mini-gun,” capable of firing 4,000 rounds per minute, to enhance customer relations by allowing customers to shoot the gun.

The Defendant met the man who assembled the gun and took possession of the weapon without receiving proper training on how to operate it. Rather than seeking out training, the Defendant took the Mini-gun to a marketing event the day after he acquired the weapon. Despite the fact that the Defendant had never turned the gun on before the event, he allowed attendees of the event to shoot the gun without having anyone present who was trained on the gun’s proper operation. The Mini-gun jammed, and the Defendant sought our client’s assistance in clearing the gun.

Despite knowing that our client was standing close to the front of the gun, the Defendant rotated the barrel of the gun, firing it and killing our client. This case was settled shortly after opening statements in trial for millions of dollars.