Failure to Promptly Treat Patient After Surgery Leads to Permanent Anoxic Brain Damage

After having their case rejected by two other law firms, clients brought their dilemma to Pennsylvania malpractice lawyers Rosen Louik & Perry. Our 60-year old client underwent gastric bypass surgery for a difficult acid reflux condition because both medicine and Nissan Fundoplication had failed to alleviate client’s symptoms. A doctor attempted to perform the surgery laparoscopically, but wasn’t able to do it due to the scar tissue from the Nissan Fundoplication, so the surgery was performed as an open procedure. The surgery was successfully completed. During the post-op period, client had difficulty breathing. Client’s pulse oximetry decreased over time and his tachycardia increased. Doctors failed to thoroughly investigate the client’s gradual respiratory embarrassment so client’s wife summoned doctors to client’s bedside. The resident (or student) doctor refused to transfer client to the intensive care unit and did nothing to address client’s respiratory problems. As a result, the client proceeded to respiratory arrest and was left with permanent anoxic brain damage. This case settled for $7,775,000.00.

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