Failure to Diagnose Cancer Leads to Death of Patient

Our client was experiencing pain and soreness on the left side of his throat. The doctor reading the client’s CT scan misinterpreted the images, which lead to improper treatment. Fifteen months later, our client’s pain had only gotten worse. A second doctor performed a second CT scan revealing a large mass. Through a biopsy, the mass was determined to be invasive squamous cell carcinoma. A PET scan was performed showing an extensive left-sided tumor extending from the nasopharynx to the larynx lateral oropharynx and metastatic disease to the left zones 2-4 lymph nodes. The client’s disease was ruled Stage IV Squamous Cell Cancer. The client eventually succumbed to the disease due to its advanced stage despite radiation and chemotherapy treatments, a composite resection of the left tonsil and base of the tongue, left modified radical neck dissection, excision of left soft palate and uvula, excision of the lateral base of the tongue and lateral floor of the mouth as a result of the doctors failure to diagnose. The case was settled for $1,700,000.00.