Failed Biopsy Delays Treatment of Cancer

Our client had a biopsy of a soft tissue mass which was interpreted as a benign tumor. In fact, it was a low-grade fibrosarcoma. A CT scan five years later confirmed that client had developed metastatic disease which appeared in her lungs as lung cancer. As a result of this delay in treatment, she was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, which by definition is not curable. Had the client been properly diagnosed, her tumor would have been cured, she would have been disease free and would have had a normal life expectancy. The client’s tragic death was preventable with proper diagnosis. The client’s family filed a failure to diagnosecancer claim and was represented by The Caring Lawyers, Rosen Louik & Perry. This case settled for $1,000,000.00.

Rosen Louik & Perry have years of experience proving Failure to Diagnose Cancer claims. It’s all too common and results in needless loss of life. We understand what you’ve been through with the loss of your loved one. If you believe a misdiagnosis or failure of diagnosis was responsible, Call one of our Pittsburgh Malpractice Lawyers today.