Doctors Mistreat Cancer Resulting in Colostomy for 15 Months until Patient Dies

Our client was admitted to the hospital as a result of rectal bleeding, rectal pain and changes in her bowel habits. An exam revealed a rectal mass that was biopsied and interpreted by client’s doctors as adenocarcinoma, a form of cancer that cannot be treated with radiation and/or chemotherapy. The client was informed that the only option of treatment was a colostomy. Following the colostomy, rectal tissue that had been removed was again sent for examination and was diagnosed as a squamous carcinoma, not adenocarcinoma. Because of the differing evaluations of the tissue, the original biopsy was reviewed. It was concluded that the first biopsy showed only squamous carcinoma and not adenocarcinoma. Only when radiation and chemotherapy fail is surgery a form of treatment for squamous cell carcinoma. This client would not have had to undergo the invasive surgery if doctors would have diagnosed the correct form of cancer originally. The colon cancer malpractice case was represented by Rosen Louik & Perry, Pittsburgh malpractice lawyers. The client lived 15 months with a colostomy and then died from the cancer: Following a week-long trial, a jury awarded decedent’s sons, $592,725.76.

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