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Doctor Malpractice Settlement in Pittsburgh, PA

Doctor Malpractice: Cancer Diagnosis

$1,200,000 settlement — death of adult

A 60-year old male died after presenting to the male Defendant physician, employed by the co-Defendant, with a persistent cough. The Estate contended that the Defendant failed to diagnose a non-small cell carcinoma in his left lung, failed to initiate further diagnostic testing after the initial test was interpreted as normal, failed to perform follow-up examinations, negligently led the Decedent to believe that his condition was benign, which did not require further testing or treatment, and that the Defendants failed to provide the proper standard of care. The Defendants denied liability and contended that their care of the Decedent was within acceptable medical standards at all times. The Decedent was survived by his spouse and two adult children.

COURTCommon Pleas/03024771
CASEBereksazi v. Beerel, M.D.; Specialists, Inc.
SETTLEMENT$1.2 Million Total Award (Compensatory Damages Total Award: $1.2 Million / Other Comp. Damages $1.2 Million)
TYPE OF CASEMedical Malpractice
ATTORNEY(S)Rosen, Neil R.; Rosen Louik & Perry, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
DEFENSE ATTORNEY(S)Defense: Rizza, Bernard R.; Gaca Matis Baum & Rizza, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Defense: Carroll, Daniel P.; Davies McFarland & Carroll, P.C., Pittsburgh, PA 15222