Diabetic Dies from Insulin Deficiency after Hospital Neglects Symptoms

The client, a twenty-nine-year-old insulin-dependent diabetic, presented to the emergency room with head, neck and shoulder pain. After a physical examination, our client reported to a nurse that he had felt hot and nauseated during the exam and was having difficulty breathing; however the nurse failed to report these symptoms to a doctor and our client was discharged from the hospital. When the client returned to the emergency room the following day with the same symptoms, he was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis, a condition caused by insulin deficiency that is fatal if left untreated. The emergency room physician prescribed the client insulin. Client contacted The Caring Lawyers, personal injuries attorneys Rosen Louik & Perry to evaluate his claim. However, no insulin was ever given to the client and his blood sugar levels were never checked. As a result, the client’s condition severely deteriorated and he ultimately died a short time later. This case settled for $825,000.00.

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