Delayed Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Results in Sexual Dysfunction

The physician in this case ordered routine blood-work including a prostate serum antigen (PSA). The PSA results were returned as markedly elevated but were ignored by the ordering physician. As a result, there was a three-year delay in diagnosing our client’s prostate cancer. The cancer was removed and client was cancer free but suffered from the side effects of a radical prostatectomy, including sexual dysfunction. The Caring Lawyers, Rosen Louik & Perry consulted prostate cancer malpractice medical research team and determined that, statistically, the client had a better chance of preserving his sexual function if his cancer had been treated earlier. This case settled for $450,000.00.

Prostate Cancer malpractice can be argued if delay in diagnosis or mistreatment occurs. You have a limited time frame to make a claim. Contact us today at 800.440.5297 to speak with a Pittsburgh cancer lawyertoday.