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Posts tagged "Personal Injury"

Paralyzed Client Suffers Severe Injuries After Fall in New Wheelchair

Our client was paralyzed and had utilized a wheelchair for the past 36 years of his life. His current wheelchair was in disrepair and a new, different model was supplied to our client. Unfortunately, the new model was supplied with no instruction, training, or warnings. The client suffered severe injuries from a fall in the new chair when it tipped forward, including a severely broken hip and four different fractures. The case was settled for $150,000.00. 

Client Assaulted by Unstable Man in Hospital Settles Personal Injury Suit

Our client was violently assaulted by a man he was sharing a hospital bedroom with. The assailant was mentally unstable and suffering from alcohol withdrawal and liver disease. The medical staff knew of this man's psychological problems, yet he was still placed in a room with another patient. The case settled for $275,000.00. 

Personal Injury Settlement for Snow-Tubing Accident

Our client was standing at the bottom of a snow-tubing hill when he was struck by four teenagers speeding down the mountain. The Linking together of two or more riders was against the ski resort's policies, yet no employee of the resort stopped the four teenagers from doing so. The client suffered a depressed skull fracture, injury to the left ocular, and multiple tears to the dura lining of the brain. The case was settled in mediation for $412,500.00 in the aggregate. 

Gas Light Explosion Kills 87-Year Old in House Fire

This 87-year old client was involved in a house fire, which started from a gas explosion inside her house. Detailed forensic investigation by Rosen Louik & Perry discovered that the explosion was caused by a gas leak caused when a telephone pole was placed on the gas line at street level pulling the line off its connection at our client's house. The area to place the pole had been mismarked by the "One Call" system which is designed to properly mark gas lines. Both the gas and electric company were sued. The client died instantly in the explosion and the family retained the services of Pittsburgh PA Personal Injury Attorneys Rosen Louik & Perry. This case was settled for $1,000,000.00.

Electrical Explosion Results in Serious Flash Burns

Our client suffered grievous injuries when an electrical power shanty exploded when he was working near it. As a result of the electrical explosion and fire that ensued he suffered from flash burns to approximately 70% of his body. The client was forced to undergo extensive medical care and treatment, and suffered from the psychological effects of a burn victim. He also sustained permanent scarring and limitations as a result of these injuries. The client sought council with Allegheny County personal injury attorneys Rosen Louik & Perry, The Caring Lawyers. We consulted our team of medical and safety code experts and learned that Defendants were in violation of the National Electric Code requiring trough and block covers used in electrical installations. This case settled for $1,537,500.00. 

Man Nearly Loses Leg to Explosives in Strip Mine: Successful Appeal to PA Superior Court Results in Higher Settlement

An explosives company was performing blasting operations as a subcontractor in a strip mine behind the client's residence. A blast produced flyrock, a piece of which struck the client. As a result, the client's lower left leg was severed and only remained attached by a few tissues. The client was life flighted and diagnosed with a Grade III-B open tibia fracture. A grade III is the highest category of injury to bone and B is the highest category of contamination to the skin, muscle and tissue. Emergency surgery was performed in an attempt to salvage the severed limb and a titanium rod was inserted to internally stabilize the fractures. Additional hardware inserted in the leg included a large plate and several screws. Bone was missing over several inches of the leg, as was the skin, muscle and other tissues. Tissue, muscle, veins, and arteries were harvested from the upper back and shoulder area and sewn in by microsurgery. The client had a total of four surgical procedures performed. The leg was ultimately salvaged.

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