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Coal company settles Explosion injury for $1.5 million.

Cataney v. Robinson Coal Co.
$1.5 million settlement
Date of Verdict or Settlement:
Jan. 18, 1999.
Court and Case Number:
C.P. Allegheny No. GD93-18005.
Type of Action:
Tibia Fracture.
Plaintiff(s)' Attorney(s):
Jon R. Perry and Neil R. Rosen,
Defense Attorney(s):
Dennis Mulvihill, Bruce E. Rende, P.
Brennan Hart and John F. Doherty,
Plaintiff(s)' Expert(s):
Spencer L. Butterfield, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, Pittsburgh; Bruce Sharpnack, M.D., family practice, Hickory; Margaret Reidy, M.D., Rehabilitative medicine, Pittsburgh; Sharon Leak, PhD., vocational psychologist, Pittsburgh; Frederick G. Clerici, physical therapist, Moon Township; James R. Kenkel, Ph.D., economist, Pittsburgh.
Defense Expert(s):
Paul Lieber, M.D., physiatrist, Pittsburgh; Lawson Bernstein, M.D., psychiatrist, Pittsburgh; Sharon L. heinlein, vocational specialist, Pittsburgh.
James Cataney was a certified U.S. Air jet engine and powerplant mechanic when he was injured as a result of blasting activities conducted by Robinson Coal Co. and Senex Explosives Inc. The blasting was being done near Cataney's home as part of strip mining operations. Cataney, who suffered a grade 3B open tibia fracture, pursued claims under absolute strict liability and negligence theories. He sought damages for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement and a lost wage claim for his permanent and total disability. Robinson argued Cataney was able to work with very little, if any, wage loss.
After the injury trial started, one juror admitted being a lifelong friend of the principal of Robinson but the court declined to replace the juror with an alternate. A directed verdict on the issue of liability was directed in favor of Cataney.
At the close of evidence, Cataney again requested an alternate juror but the court again refused. The jury returned a verdict in his favor in the amount of $350,000. Cataney appealed the verdict in part on the trial court's refusal to strike the biased juror. The state Superior Court reversed and remanded. The state Supreme Court denied Robinson's request to grant allocatur. The case was settled two days before the retrial for $1.5 million. 

Victim Crushed by Improperly Installed Office Cabinet

This is a work-related, personal injury case. A 150 lb. cabinet fell on top of the client because there was no backing in the wall for proper anchoring, crushing the client onto the desk . Rosen Louik & Perry successfully discovered the identity of the contractors who originally installed the cabinet. The installer was not protected by the worker's compensation immunity bar and was sued. The case was settled for $450,000.00. 

Unnecessary Metal Component Of Coat Causes Severe Damage To Eye

This client bought a new coat at a department store which was equipped with an elastic drawstring with a metal cone-shaped object attached. This metal piece got caught under a person who sat next to client and released under tension when client stood up. The metal cone hit client in the eye. The client suffered traumatic hyphemia to the right eye, a contusion of the right eye, blood in the anterior chamber of the right eye, and a significant sectoral iris tear. Client was forced to undergo various surgical procedures and was left with permanent injury to her depth perception and permanent ocular damage. Defective product lawyers Rosen Louik & Perry of Pennsylvania pursued a product liability case against the national retailer as well as coat manufacturer. Plaintiff's theory was that the cone-shaped metallic end attached to an elastic drawstring served no legitimate purpose but made the product unreasonably dangerous. Numerous, safer alternative designs were available. Rosen Louik & Perry secured experts who support this theory and thedefective product settlement case settled for $300,000.00.

Victim Trips over Department Store Carpet Falling Face First into Glass Door

This client tripped over a carpet that was known to never lie flat in a popular department store and fell face first into a set of glass doors. The client suffered injuries to her face, shin and shoulder and called Rosen Louik & Perry to represent her slip and fall claim. This premises liability case was settled for $100,000.00.

Woman Receives Large Scar after Undergoing Tattoo Laser Removal

This client went to a laser hair removal clinic who advertised tattoo removal. Client suffered a large scar in the area where the tattoo was removed -- a 3" x 3" raised area on her left arm. After an expert doctor reviewed the case, the doctor came to the conclusion that this facility had lasers that are neither designed nor intended for tattoo removal. This case was settled for a tattoo removal injury settlement of $100,000.

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