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Posts tagged "serious injury"

June 10 is National Time Out Day

Despite protocols being in place to prevent surgical errors in medical facilities these errors still occur too often in Pittsburgh and all around the U.S. On June 10 hospitals and surgery centers will mark National Time Out Day to prevent surgical mistakes.

High levels of bilirubin in newborns can have major consequences

For most Pittsburgh parents, the birth of a baby is a happy affair. Most newborns are born without consequences and are healthy and can go home in just a few days. But sometimes newborns are born with medical conditions and birth injuries that need further treatment.

Surgical site infections can cause serious injury

Many people in the Pittsburgh area will undergo surgery at some point in their lives. Most of the time, these surgeries go as planned, but occasionally, a surgical error occurs that causes a serious injury. One type of error is a surgical site infection.

Meconium aspiration syndrome can be serious

Couples who are expecting a baby in Pittsburgh can be filled with anticipation and joy. Most deliveries go as planned but occasionally there is a birth injury which results in a serious birth injury. One such injury to the baby is called meconium aspiration.

Gastric bypass surgery can lead to serious injuries

Many people in the Pittsburgh area are weight conscious, and the pressure to be thin is great. Also, more people are health conscious and believe that surgically removing the extra pounds can be beneficial for their health. These surgeries are popular, but surgical errors do occur.

Surgical errors often kept secret

Thousands of Pittsburgh residents will have surgery this year. Many patients do their homework and research the surgeon and facility where the surgery will take place. But patients may be surprised to know that some surgical errors are kept secret.

Children especially prone to medication errors

Pittsburgh parents are usually well-versed in prescription medication for their children. That's because they get a lot of practice from their kids' picking up illnesses at school and collecting injuries on the playground. Many times these illnesses require medication.

Unsafe injections can cause serious problems

Hospital errors have received a lot of attention lately as thousands of people are affected by this negligence. But another kind of negligence can occur to Pennsylvanians who visits their local clinic. Unsafe injections is a problem in the U.S. that can lead to serious injury.

Can tracking a PA surgeon's moves reduce surgical errors?

Pilots on airplanes have a "black box" that records their movements while flying. Researchers in Canada are now studying a "black box" for surgeons that may help cut down on surgical errors. Thousands of patients die from medical errors each year in Pennsylvania and throughout the country, so anything that can help cut down on the number of mistakes can be a welcome addition.

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