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Failure to diagnose is most common form of medical malpractice

Anyone who has suffered from medical malpractice in Pittsburgh can share how traumatizing it can be. Patients have to put full trust in their doctors that they are making the right diagnosis and have ordered the right tests and interpreted the results correctly. But, in thousands of cases each year across Pittsburgh and the U.S. medical malpractice occurs including the failure to diagnose cancer.

LASIK eye surgery carries risks

For many Pittsburgh residents glasses are necessary to see clearly. Glasses can be annoying and expensive. The alternative, contact lenses, also require daily maintenance and care. LASIK eye surgery has become extremely popular as a surgery to correct eyes so that a person doesn't need glasses or contact lenses anymore. But, like all surgeries, surgical errors can occur.

A hysterectomy can lead to unexpected side effects

Many Pittsburgh women have had a hysterectomy. The surgery is one of the most popular among women and helps to treat fibroids, uterine prolapse and endometriosis among other conditions. Even though a hysterectomy is a popular surgery a surgery error can still occur that causes unexpected side effects.

Medical malpractice overview

When patients suffer as the result of a mistake made by a medical provider they have the legal right to hold that provider responsible. When a patient holds a medical provider responsible that person often files a medical malpractice claim. Many times medical malpractice claims result from surgical errors. These errors can often result in a patient's worsened condition or even death.

False alarms can lead to real problems for Pittsburgh patients

Most people in Pittsburgh have spent time in the hospital or have visited someone in the hospital. Many times, in hospital rooms, there are several different machines hooked up to monitor the patient's vital signs. It may seem that there is always some kind of beeping that is alarming for hospital patients and visitors. But to medical providers, these alarms are just part of their everyday environment. Thus, they may tend to ignore them from time-to-time or turn off an alarm and fail to diagnose a patient's medical emergency. Alarm fatigue is a patient safety concern that may cause serious injuries and even death.

Where medical diagnosing fails

Almost every Pittsburgh resident will visit the doctor this year. Some will visit for their annual exam and many more will need care because of an illness or injury. We all trust that our doctors will be able to tell us what is wrong and will help us get better but sometimes a doctor fails to diagnose our condition which can lead to a worsened condition.

A breast biopsy is often misdiagnosed

Many women in the Pittsburgh area will undergo a breast biopsy at some point. In the U.S. over 1.5 million women have them each year. A breast biopsy is performed after a woman finds a lump on her breast or if there is an abnormality found in a mammogram. When one of these things happen, a doctor removes a small amount of tissue, which is then tested.

What is a perforated esophagus?

Many Pittsburgh residents will undergo a surgical procedure this year. These procedures can be done in an emergency situation or they may be routine. Most surgical procedures occur without any issues, but occasionally a surgical accident can occur that causes a worsened condition.

Pennsylvania heart conditions and failures to diagnose

Heart disease is one of the top killers of Pittsburg residents. It claims thousands of lives each year and leaves many others with permanent disabilities. Although most people think of heart disease as something that affects older people, it can affect anyone. The failure to diagnose a heart condition can lead to a worsened condition, brain injury and even death.

A surgical site infection can be serious

Thousands of Pittsburgh residents will undergo surgery this year. These surgeries are medically necessary for many people and will hopefully bring them a better quality of life. One unexpected outcome of a surgery is a surgical site infection that can lead to a worsened condition, extended hospital stay and even death.

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