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My baby suffers birth injuries due to hypoxia, what can I do?

The birth of a baby is an exciting event for almost all Pennsylvanian parents. However, this joy can turn to anger when the baby is deprived of oxygen during labor and delivery. This is called hypoxia, and while some cases are mild and resolve themselves quickly, others are more serious in nature and can lead to birth injuries and permanent disability. If this happens, you most certainly want to understand your legal rights and learn more about the types of available recourse.

What are some signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy?

For Pittsburgh parents the birth of a baby is the highlight of their lives. This much anticipated event brings much joy and purpose to the family. But occasionally the birth can be clouded in unexpected sorrow when a birth injury affects the newborn.

Link between autism and birth injury being studied

Pittsburgh parents-to-be can be extremely excited to meet their new addition. The nine months preceding birth can be filled with trepidation but also gratitude and enthusiasm. With the rise of autism across the country, many parents wonder if their child will be the next to be diagnosed.

A premature birth can cause many issues for babies

Pittsburgh residents who are awaiting the birth of a child can be filled with joy and anticipation. The birth of a child is one of the best days for many parents' lives. But, when something goes wrong and their baby's birth is premature there can be quite a few unexpected complications.

What are some injuries that occur during birth?

Pittsburgh residents who are awaiting the birth of a child are filled with excitement. The birth of a child is one of the most joyous occasions for a family. Usually the birth goes as planned but birth injuries do occur during the delivery process. There are several birth injuries that can occur.

Jury finds Pennsylvania nurses negligent in birth injury

While newborns are routinely delivered every day in Pennsylvania, families in our state still have to cope with the results of preventable birth injuries. According to a lawsuit filed in Chester County, two nurses were negligent when they failed to notify an OB-GYN when the heart rate of an infant dropped far below normal while the mother was in labor.

Jury finds hospital accountable for little boy's disability

Cerebral palsy is a motor condition that in the vast majority of cases is caused by injuries suffered by a child during pregnancy or birth. The condition may not be diagnosed for months or even years, but most children are diagnosed at a young age. The types of brain injury that lead to cerebral palsy occur under a variety of circumstances, and it is important that parents of children with cerebral palsy understand what led to the disability.

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