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Is your newborn baby showing these symptoms?

You just came home from the hospital with your newborn baby, and you're looking forward to the next six weeks without work. Your legal secretary job can wait. During the next month and a half, you plan to rest, recuperate and get to know your baby during your maternity leave.

3 things fathers should know about birth injuries

Two of the most joyful times in your life should be your wife's pregnancy and your child's birth. However, not all fathers get to experience this joy. Some fathers must deal with a tumultuous pregnancy followed by trouble in the delivery room. Either of these scenarios can be devastating. Fathers who have a wife or baby affected by a birth injury should keep a few points in mind, should they opt to seek compensation.

The dangers of failing to recognize fetal distress

It's the responsibility of medical professionals to carefully monitor a baby's vital signs before and during childbirth. They accomplish this goal through the use of medical devices including a heart monitor. When analyzing the information, they receive from these devices; doctors can determine if fetal distress occurred during labor and delivery. It's at that point that they can make further assessments for the baby's care. Failure to do so is dangerous for the baby's health and future development.

Program could help expectant mothers in Pennsylvania

While the thought of infant mortality is something that may be considered a third-world problem by some, it has become an increasing problem in the United States. A lack of standardized protocols in delivery rooms combined with a lack of prenatal care has created a situation where both the mother and the child could be in danger before, during or just after a pregnancy.

Jury finds Pennsylvania nurses negligent in birth injury

While newborns are routinely delivered every day in Pennsylvania, families in our state still have to cope with the results of preventable birth injuries. According to a lawsuit filed in Chester County, two nurses were negligent when they failed to notify an OB-GYN when the heart rate of an infant dropped far below normal while the mother was in labor.

Studies show that cooling therapy can help treat birth asphyxia

One of the most common causes of birth injury is birth asphyxia, which can lead to mental and physical disabilities early or later in a child's life. Studies show that out of every 1,000 births, between one and five involve birth asphyxia, the main danger of which is a lack of oxygen to the infant's brain.

Jury finds hospital accountable for little boy's disability

Cerebral palsy is a motor condition that in the vast majority of cases is caused by injuries suffered by a child during pregnancy or birth. The condition may not be diagnosed for months or even years, but most children are diagnosed at a young age. The types of brain injury that lead to cerebral palsy occur under a variety of circumstances, and it is important that parents of children with cerebral palsy understand what led to the disability.

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