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Unnecessary C-sections could lead to serious injuries, fatalities

Many expecting mothers in Pennsylvania want to have a vaginal delivery. However, complications during labor could make it necessary for the woman to have a cesarean section (C-section). But, C-sections are a major operation, and unfortunately, sometimes, they are unnecessarily performed, which could result in pregnancy related injuries.

Are C-section deliveries really safer than vaginal?

When a Pennsylvania pregnant woman anticipates giving birth, she may assume that she will deliver the "old-fashioned" or natural way -- vaginally. After all, Cesarean sections (C-section) are reserved only for emergencies, right? Actually, not always.

Is your newborn baby showing these symptoms?

You just came home from the hospital with your newborn baby, and you're looking forward to the next six weeks without work. Your legal secretary job can wait. During the next month and a half, you plan to rest, recuperate and get to know your baby during your maternity leave.

Monitoring pregnant women with congenital heart disease

Finding out that you are pregnant is frequently an exciting event for women in Pennsylvania. Despite it being a joyous moment, it can also be a concerning time for those mothers-to-be that suffer serious illnesses and diseases. While it is still possible to have a successful pregnancy with some of these diseases, this situation requires much medical attention and ongoing monitoring. The failure to monitor during pregnancy is not only a negligent act but could also be the medical negligence that leads to a harmed infant or injured mother.

Helping you take action after a pregnancy-related injury

Sharing the news that you are pregnant is a rather exciting experience for most women in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. In fact, the entire pregnancy process can be very joyous. Whether a pregnancy is planned or not, or if it is a woman's first pregnancy or not, there can be a lot of unknowns throughout the pregnancy. Therefore, many women rely on the expertise of medical professionals to monitor them up until labor and delivery. While this can help detect any issues or complications, negligent monitoring could result in serious and even life-threatening issues for both the mother and baby.

Risks associated with a natural birth following a C-section

For most pregnant women in Pennsylvania, it is common to have a birthing plan. For those mothers that delivered via C-section, it is often the case that every birth following that will also be via C-section. This is due to the risks associated with a natural delivery, of which, a ruptured uterus is of primary concern.

Holding a negligent doctor liable for pregnancy-related injuries

Planning and preparing for a new baby is an exciting time for a mother and a father; however, while a mother is still carrying a baby inside of her, the health of the mother is a top priority. While mothers-to-be in Pennsylvania and other sates across the nation have access to some of the best medical care in the world, human error and negligence could enter the labor and delivery room. Such a situation could cause harm to both the mother and the baby.

C-section risks for mother and baby

It is not uncommon for mothers-to-be in Pennsylvania and elsewhere to have a birthing plan. These might consist of certain birthing techniques, and what she will do when it is time to deliver the baby. While some women are able to live out their birthing plan, others encounter complications during labor, causing them to alter their plan. When problems and complications arise, medical professionals might suggest or make an emergency decision to perform a cesarean section.

Complications that could lead to pregnancy-related injuries

Whether it is a woman's first pregnancy or not, there is a lot of preparation that goes into having a baby. And while parents in Pennsylvania and other states across the nation focus on bringing their new bundle of joy home, mothers-to-be need to first focus on maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Because complications can arise during a pregnancy, it is important to have medical professionals check and monitor for any common complications during pregnancy that could result in pregnancy-related injuries to the mother or the newborn.

Who are the responsible parties for delivery room errors?

For most Pennsylvania mothers preparing to give birth in a hospital setting, they are most likely aware that various medical professionals will assist in the entire labor and delivery process. However, if this is a mother's first child, she may not realize how many medical professionals she and her newborn could come in contact with. Because the actions and expertise of every medical professional assisting with the birthing process could greatly impact the outcomes of the delivery, it is important to understand how these action could have contributed to a birth, delivery or pregnancy-related injury.

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