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New Jersey Transit kills 1, Injures 114

A commuter train on the New Jersey Transit Line smashed into the Hoboken Terminal on the morning of September 29th, killing one person and injuring 114 according to the Washington Post. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said the following regarding the crash: "The train came at a high rate of speed into the station and crashed through all the barriers, bringing it all the way to the internal wall of the Hoboken terminal. We have no indication that this was anything but a tragic accident." According to reports, some passengers were trapped under debris from the train and many people were openly bleeding from their injuries.

Uber Rolls Out Fleet of Self-Driving Cars

A fleet of four self-driving cars hit the roads of Pittsburgh on September 14th, 2016, available to only the most loyal Uber customers. Uber is placing two highly trained engineers in the front seats of their autonomous vehicles to manually take over should the car fail. Uber is focused first on mastering the roads of Pittsburgh. "If we really can master driving in Pittsburgh, then we feel strongly that we have a good chance of mastering it in most cities around the world," the leader of Uber's Advanced Technologies Center, Raffi Krikorian, said.

Car Hits Child Boarding School Bus

On the morning of Wednesday, September 7th, 2016, a 10-year old girl was waiting at her bus stop and ready to go to school. When the bus arrived, her driver stopped and put the flashing lights on. The girl was attempting to cross the street when a car disregarded the flashing lights and the stop arm. The girl was clipped by the car and taken to an area hospital to be treated for her injuries. Thankfully the girl sustained only minor injuries; she was treated and released shortly after admission. The driver of the car was charged with reckless driving. To read more about the accident, click here.

Expected Increase in Motor Vehicle Accidents this Labor Day Weekend

The first Monday of every September brings with it picnics, parades, a day off, and more importantly a celebration of the contributions and achievements of American workers. Labor Day also brings with it an increase in travel, which unfortunately results in a higher number of traffic related accidents and fatalities. According to Fortune, this Labor Day could be the deadliest Labor Day weekend for drivers in eight years. Accidents have been on the rise in 2016. There were 9% more fatal motor vehicle accidents from January to June of 2016 than January to June of 2015. Experts attribute this increase to a stronger economy which encourages motorists to drive more, particularly during off days and holiday weekends. The National Safety Council is predicting that 438 people will perish in traffic accidents during Labor Day weekend. Drive smart, defensive, and be aware if you plan to be on the roads.

Tractor Trailer Accident Causes Severe Leg Injuries

A tractor-trailer jackknifed and hit the client's vehicle in this case. The client was trapped in his vehicle and suffered a fractured and dislocated right ankle, a dislocation of the left knee plate, broken bones in the left foot and required pins in the left ankle. This case settled for $450,000.00. 

Lawyers Uncover Client's Broken Neck after Auto Accident

Following an elevated prostate specific antigen ("PSA") test, Rosen Louik & Perry's client was advised to have a biopsy of his prostate. Client followed the doctor's recommendations and submitted to a stereotactic biopsy of his prostate. The tissue was removed by the local hospital and sent to a national laboratory for processing and pathology interpretation. The sample was reported as showing high grade carcinoma in situ requiring removal of the prostate. Unfortunately, client suffered known surgical complications of erectile dysfunction and incontinence. When the prostate was sent to pathology, no cancer was found. Client turned to Rosen Louik & Perry for answers. Rosen Louik & Perry lawyers were able to discover that a technician at the national laboratory had, due to carelessness, switched client's slides with the slides from another client. The national laboratory denied the mix-up and forced the case to trial. The client's Prostate cancer malpractice claim was litigated by our Pennsylvania Legal Malpractice Lawyers. Following a seven-day trial, a jury awarded client $4,500,000 and his wife $1,000,000 on her consortium claim.

Intoxicated Driver Causes Severe Auto Accident

Our client was involved in an atrocious automobile accident where the client was ejected from the vehicle rendering the client unconscious and helpless. Upon being life flighted to a level I trauma center, the client was diagnosed with multiple traumas and a severe head injury. The client underwent skull surgery to repair the multiple facial fractures and to elevate the depressed skull fracture by inserting plates in the skull region. A lawsuit was filed against the driver of the vehicle and the auto dealership that owned the vehicle. The theory against the auto dealer was for negligently entrusting the sports car to a person known to be intoxicated. The dealership had the large insurance policy but denied liability and refused to pay. After a jury was empanelled and opening statements, this drunk driver auto accident case was settled for a settlement of $890,000.00.

Car Accident Causes Relapse of Multiple Sclerosis

Our client was involved in a high impact automobile accident involving two cars and multiple passengers. No one involved was seriously injured. Our client had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis years earlier and had back surgery seven years prior to the accident. The accident provoked the back pain to come back and caused his remissive multiple sclerosis to relapse. The client's pain never resolved after the accident. Defendants claimed pre-existing back injury and argued that medical science could not connect the multiple sclerosis relapse. Rosen Louik & Perry Rosen Louik & Perry consulted with our Medical Research Traemand the case settled for $850,000.00.

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